Video - How Capitalism Lost Happiness

«How Capitalism Lost Happiness: Healing Our Relationships To Heal Our World» - Leaders for Humanity with Luigino Bruni, Co-hosted as always by: Antoinette Weibel and Otti Vogt

The Leaders for Humanity series is part of the #goodorganisations project (for further info see and intends to offer a critical dialogue with "wise" thought and action leaders, related to key questions in the domain of individual, organisational and societal transformation. Its main intent is to develop critical thinking and deeper reflection by bringing together multiple perspectives - across philosophy, psychology, sociology, management science, complexity - in an open and collaborative inquiry.

During our interview we examine three critical questions: a) What is good? What is a good society? b) How can we craft good organisations? c) How can we as leaders or organisational citizens become good, and enable positive change?


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