Dossier Listening to Life

This section contains all of Luigino Bruni's editorials of the series entitled "Listening to Life" published in Avvenire from 26th June 2016


pdf 170108 Avvenire Words for All Times

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Words for All Times

Listening to Life/29 - The prophet is the master of light because he knows the darkness of night

Published in Avvenire on 08/01/2017

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 161231 Avvenire Those Who Dont Cry out

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Those who don't cry out loose God

Listening to Life/28 - The good things that survive give roots to the future and save all

by Luigino Bruni

Published in Avvenire on 31/12/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 161224 Avvenire Other Angels at the Same Cave

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Other angels at the same cave

Listening to Life/27 - Waiting is the ordinary condition of good life

Published in Avvenire on 24/12/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 161218 Avvenire Blessed Disillusion Bruni

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Blessed is the time of disillusion

Listening to Life/26 - Fresh air is always good for every house and community

Published in Avvenire on 18/12/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 161211 Avvenire Necessary Not Enough

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Giving What's Necessary Is Not Enough

Listening to Life/25 - Learning to witness the time needed for the seeds to mature

Published in Avvenire on 11/12/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 161204 Avvenire The fruitful Wounds of Labour

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The fruitful wounds of labour

Listening to Life/24 - The novelty of the "man of sorrows" generates joy

by Luigino Bruni

Published in Avvenire on 04/12/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 161127 Avvenire Called to Set Up Tents

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Called to set up tents

Listening to Life/23 - Beyond failure, "the second day" of every vocation

Published in Avvenire on 27/11/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 161120 Avvenire The Resource Curse

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The Resource Curse

Listening to Life/22 - Reducing the prophets to "experts of the empire" makes us blind

Published in Avvenire on 20/11/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 161113 Avvenire Nobody Ever Touch Adam

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Nobody ever touch Adam

Listening to Life/21 - You cannot be jealous of the name and presence of God

Published in Avvenire on 13/11/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 161106 Avvenire Consolations of Prophecy

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The consolations of Prophecy

Listening to Life/20 - Faithful to the people and God, even when he seems to be defeated

Published in Avvenire on 06/11/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 161030 Avvenire Where God Is

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This Is Where God Is

Listening to Life/19 - It is the world he reveals himself in and where we can meet him

Published in Avvenire on 30/10/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 161023 Avvenire Away from the Idol

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Away from the insatiate idol

Listening to Life/18 Consumerism implies temples full of merchandise and empty of life

Published in Avvenire on 23/10/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 161016 Avvenire Freedom of Hands

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The freedom of shaking one's hands off

Listening to Life/17 - The true nature of the gift is mixed and subversive, not philanthropic

Published in Avvenire on 16/10/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 161009 Avvenire Laudato sii of the Prophet

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The «Laudato si'» of the prophet

Listening to Life/16 - Straightening backs, liberating slaves, controlling machines

Published in Avvenire on 09/10/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 161002 Avvenire Success Is a Miniature God

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Success is a Miniature Kind of God

Listening to Life/15 The sale of illusions: the curse of adulator prophets

Published in Avvenire on 02/10/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 160925 Avvenire Whoever believes will not be in haste

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Whoever believes will not be in haste

Listening to Life/14 - It is a promise that keeps the entire world going around

Published in Avvenire on 25/09/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 160918 Avvenire Fathers of Wind and Dawn

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Fathers of the Wind and Dawn

Listening to Life/13 - The victory over death is in the son - in every son

Published in Avvenire on 18/09/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 160911 Avvenire In the Night

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In the Night and Until Dawn

Listening to Life/12

Published in Avvenire  on 11/09/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 160804 Avvenire Prophecy about the Grape Cake

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A prophecy about the grape cake

Listening to Life/11 - Any era is poor without the beauty of work done together 

Published in Avvenire on 04/09/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 160828 Avvenire Brotherhood of Holy Saturday

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The Brotherhood of Holy Saturday

Listening to Life/10 - God suffers with us and His word is the salt of the oblivious world

Published in Avvenire on 28/08/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 160821 Avvenire Sons and Daughters

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The Day of the Sons and Daughters

Listening to Life/9 - the blessed certainty that we shall have a land again

Published in Avvenire on 21/08/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 160814 Avvenire Beyond Shortage of Promises

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Beyond the Shortage of Promises

Listening to Life/8 - Never get bogged down in a great but unfinished beginning

Published in Avvenire on 14/08/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 160807 Avvenire Frivolous Fires

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The blunder of frivolous fires

Listening to Life/7 - Taking up the challenge and resisting the darkness, not confusing sunrises and sunsets

Published in Avvenire on 07/08/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 160731 Avvenire Son of Hope

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The name of the son-of-hope

Listening to Life/6 - Believing in returning, in times of difficulties and exile

Published in Avvenire on 31/07/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 160724 Avvenire No Prophet Is a Prophet Forever

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No prophet is a prophet forever

Listening to Life/5 - Called to care for the good seeds, never as masters

Published in Avvenire on 24/07/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 160717 Avvenire Lanterns of Waiting

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Like the Lamps of Waiting (We are the Vineyard)

Listening to Life/4 - Idols need fenced and closed spaces, God does not

Published in Avvenire on 17/07/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 160710 Avvenire Words of Reconstruction

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Words that are capable of reconstruction

Listening to Life/3 - Sounds and Colours in the Song and Tears of the Prophets

Published in Avvenire on 10/07/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 160703 Avvenire God and the Poor Bruni 1

786 téléchargements

God and the Poor, with No Excuse

Listening to Life/2 With Isaiah, beyond accusations and ritual sacrifices

Published in Avvenire on 03/07/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 160626 Avvenire Guidance Bruni 1

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Guidance for the Times of Ruins

Listening to Life/1 - Isaiah and the "first words" to love, believe and seek

Published in Avvenire on 26/06/2016

Written by Luigino Bruni