Carpeta Regenerations

This section contains all of Luigino Bruni's editorials of the series entitled "Regenerations" published in Avvenire from 26th July 2015


pdf 151025_Avvenire_The Kingdom belongs to All the Poor

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The Kingdom belongs to all the poor

Regenerations/13 - Both Saint Francis and Job are inhabitants in it. Just as children.

Published in Avvenire on 25/10/2015

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 151018_Avvenire_The Gift of the Second Name

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The Gift of the Second Name

Regenerations/12 - Believe it or not, in working for peace you can meet the Father

Published in Avvenire on 18/10/2015

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 151011_Avvenire_The Serious Happiness of Tears

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The serious happiness of tears

Regenerations/11 - We all go through suffering and can rise again

Published in Avvenire on 11/10/2015

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 151004_Avvenire_The Lesser Known Beatitudes

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The lesser known beatitudes

Regenerations/10 - are written in the lives of the righteous just as they are in the Gospel

Published in Avvenire on 04/10/2015

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 150927_Avvenire_The Persecution of the Not Yet

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The persecution of the not-yet

Regenerations/9 - Laws, just like clothes, often get tight and worn-out

Published in Avvenire on 27/09/2015

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 150920_Avvenire_The Intelligence of Meek Hands

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The intelligence of meek hands

Regenerations/8 - The logic of the beatitudes is revealed in trials of life and in struggling businesses

Published in Avvenire on 20/09/2015

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 150913_Avvenire_Purity Is a Collapsed Wall

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Purity is a collapsed wall

Regenerations/7 - Beyond the times of the sand, to the house of the Beatitudes

Published in Avvenire on 13/09/2015

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 150906_Avvenire_Mercy the Cement of Civilization

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Mercy, the Cement of Civilization

Regenerations/6 – It makes our "forever-s" valid. And manages to give itself as a reward

Published in Avvenire on 06/09/2013

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 150830_Avvenire_Abusing the Illusion of Immunity

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Abusing the Illusion of Immunity

Regenerations/5 - Businesses, society, family: less and less time for compassio

Published in Avvenire on 30/08/2015

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 150823_Avvenire_The Mighty Seeds of Generosity

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The Mighty Seeds of Generosity

Regenerations/4 - Human beings give a lot only if they are free to give all

Published in Avvenire on 23/08/2015

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 150809_Avvenire_The Wonderful Song of Humility

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The Wonderful Song of Humility

Regenerations/3 - A virtue that is not loved by economy, but
is key for the future

Published in Avvenire on 09/08/2015

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 150802_Avvenire_The Sad Spirit of Incentives

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The Sad Spirit of Incentives

Regenerations/2 - No company can domesticate the person's moral strength

Published in Avvenire on 02/08/2015

Written by Luigino Bruni

pdf 150726_Avvenire_Lets Replant the Forest_Bruni-1

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Let's Replant the Forest

Regenerations/1 - Values are not to be manufactured and challenges should be acknowledged

Published in Avvenire on 26/07/2015

Written by Luigino Bruni